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Charitable Registration # 81403 2280 RR0001

Our Mission

Dreams & Wishes aims to preserve and create positive childhood memories by fulfilling ‘dreams & wishes’ made by children and families deemed underprivileged and in need. We aim to foster, provide and create positive childhood memories to children who have been exposed to domestic violence, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, homelessness, poverty, abandonment and neglect.

Kids Running

We Believe

  • Every child should be able to cherish and experience positive childhood memories and granting their dreams and wishes will assist in developing and providing those positive memories.

  • Positive childhood memories obtained through community involvement create stronger family and community bonds

  • Building positive family connections between a parent and a child can be fostered through interactive family activities such as the planning of a Birthday Party

  • Every family should have the opportunity to bond and preserve childhood memories by participating in positive family events.

  • Financial and other socially stigmatizing and traumatic events should not prevent a child from having their dreams and wishes met.

  • For children and families to invest in their community, the community needs to demonstrate their investment in the family.


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