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About  Us

We believe that every child should be able to cherish and experience positive childhood memories and granting their dreams and wishes will assist in developing and providing those positive memories. Financial and other socially stigmatizing and traumatic events should not prevent a child from having their dreams and wishes met.

We aim to foster, provide and create positive childhood memories to children who have been exposed to domestic violence, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, homelessness, poverty, abandonment and neglect.

Dreams & Wishes Children’s Charity operates a variety of programs throughout the year in order to support our beliefs.  Dreams & Wishes organizes and hosts an annual Christmas Breakfast event for children who are referred by local Child Welfare Agencies, Women’s Shelters, Community Organizations and Food Banks. In addition, children from local shelters provide Dreams & Wishes with a ‘Santa’s Wish List’ that we aim to fill and deliver to the shelters prior to Christmas day.

Dreams & Wishes Children’s Charity is operated exclusively by volunteers and every dollar raised is used for the benefit of the children we serve.

As a sponsor or supporter of Dreams & Wishes Children’s Charity, corporations, companies, groups and individuals are eligible to receive charitable tax receipts for monetary contributions as well as in-kind gifts (per government guidelines).

Acknowledgement of sponsorship and/or donations will be included in our brochures, literature, at our fundraising events, and on all social media.

The additional benefits of supporting our charity includes the satisfaction of knowing donations support our programs, not salaries. This is an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life, investing in our future.

Our  Board  of  Directors

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